UPDATE: Enchanted Express Mail NEW Services

In a surprise move, Enchanted Express Mail Services (official courier of the Enchanted Realms, as appointed by decree of the Inter-Realm Parliament Alliance), has announced 2 new initiatives.  

The first initiative is a mere broadening of scope, as for the first time, ER postage stamps are made available to the wider provinces and across borders into the ‘real world’. Generously priced at only half a Wish per stamp, a single stamp guarantees delivery from any land within the Enchanted Realms to any other land within the Enchanted Realms. EEMS advises that due to time in the Real World being measured by methods incompatible to those within the Enchanted Realms, Real World customers should make a full Wish (2 stamps) to ensure timely delivery of their correspondence, in addition to any legal postage requirements within country of origin.

The first EEMS issue will not be available to Real World customers as single stamps, but only as mini-sheet sets. This is due to cross-border export/import duties, the cost of which is off-set slightly by imposing a minimum purchase quantity requirement. However, the mini-sheets offer a degree of flexibility for both the casual correspondent and the collector. The first issue comprises four different designs which will be available as single-design mini-sheets, or as a mixed set (artist’s mock-up shown above; final released design may vary slightly). Each mini sheet also includes a sample Inspection label, to ensure correspondence meets the stringent requirements of the Correspondence Assured Delivery Treaty, and a sample EEMS postmark.

The second new initiative introduces an issue of potentially greater controversy: EEMS have developed 2 of the new postage stamp designs in conjunction with sponsors (who may be familiar to readers of the Enchanted TimesTruth-Be-Told Mirrors and the Fast-As-You-Can Weight Loss Co.). EEMS claims this move, though essential, is a ‘one-off’ gambit, in order to finance their enhanced distribution model (see above) – which in turn they hope will negate the need for additional ad revenue with regard to future issues.  Respectfully, the Enchanted Times feels that this is possibly a naive view from such a major player in Inter-Realm commerce, and feels that carefully chosen sponsorship deals may make or break the continued existence of Enchanted Express Mail Services, given the current economic climate of the Enchanted Realms. As strong supporters of EEMS, the Enchanted Times urges those in management to make whatever decisions are necessary to allow continuation of those services provided.  As the only courier service offering complete protection under the Correspondence Assured Delivery Treaty, the Enchanted Times also urges all consumers to remain loyal to the long-established EEMS institution rather than be swayed by the ever-swelling ranks and false promises of numerous non-regulated fly-by-night messengers.

EEMS do not currently have their own website, but information regarding Enchanted Express Mail Services, new postage stamp issues and other related news items will shortly be available through a portal page within the Enchanted Times journal (online). Further details to follow.


2 responses to “UPDATE: Enchanted Express Mail NEW Services

  • sarahisabiscuit

    I followed a link from folksy and have spent far too long, when I should be sleeping, enjoying a peek into your world. I really appreciate the time and ingenuity you have put into sharing the story through each of your blog posts. 🙂

    • tanglecrafts

      Ha ha, thanks for losing yourself here, for a while. 🙂 There are new things coming soon, so please check back. Something regarding the Elves and the Shoemaker is not beyond the (enchanted) realms of possibility but realistically, not until next year. The elves are one of my old favourites, though – and one of the few instances of actual fairy-folk in fairy tales…

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