Truth-Be-Told Mirrors are back!

Despite multiple reports of mirror malfunction (you know the stories) Truth-Be-Told continues to ride high on a wave of Goblin Market popularity, returning the public’s gaze with an ever-unflinching stare.  The Truth-Be-Told name and reputation remain somehow untarnished, as the company refuses to be blamed for user foolishness (eg switching to Bold as Brass setting when user has already been diagnosed as having a fatal allergy to the truth).

Upon reflection, we believe the all-new Truth-Be-Told Gift Set* could be the perfect stocking filler for the forthcoming festive season. Available in bestselling Bold as Brass setting, as well as the perennially popular White Liar for those who prefer a state of happy delusion, now you can give the gift of truth (or lies)!

* Gift set contains: Truth-Be-Told pocket mirror, Truth-Be-Told pinback button badge, Truth-Be-Told miniature notecard, and miniaturised edition of Enchanted Times Mini: Upon Reflection


4 responses to “Truth-Be-Told Mirrors are back!

  • Kathy

    Simply hilarious!

    • tanglecrafts

      What do you mean? Reflecting the truth is no laughing matter! 😉

      • Kathy

        I smile at the fact that you offer 2 options – “Bold as Brass” or “White Liar”. Which do you sell more of?

      • tanglecrafts

        Surprisingly, they seem to sell about evenly. When I sold out earlier in the year, it was White Liar that ran out first, but only by a whisker. People often seem to buy one of each – but whether they keep the complimentary one and give away the mean one as a gift (or possibly vice versa) it’s difficult to say…

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