Enchanted Times Mini: Yuletide Edition

A brand new edition of Enchanted Times Mini is available on limited release, for the festive season.
This issue features:

  • Little Match Girl cover artwork by Heather Cuff (which previously appeared in this year’s Special Edition), adapted as Fast-As-You-Can CoCo story stamps
  • Yuletide Felicitations scroll printed on back cover, with space to personalise ‘To’ and ‘From’ – ideal for seasonal gift-giving & stocking fillers
  • ET Mini Cover Story: Seasonal Sweets – relating details of the FAYC CoCo’s bonus for their gingerbread workforce, to prevent undue suffering from the dreaded Soggy Biscuit Syndrome
  • A double-page spread promotional feature for the Fast-As-You-Can Weight Loss Plan, including gingerbread recipe
  • advertisements from sponsors Fast-As-You-Can Coco Cocoa and Light of my Life Matches
* * * * *
This issue is also available as a set of 3 copies, each with it’s own hand-folded envelope, plus a strip of FAYC postmark envelope seals.  Ideal for gift-giving & for introducing friends & family to the Enchanted Times.

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