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A gremlin in the works!

Apparently in the real world, gremlins are commonly believed to be fictional/mythical creatures -a misconception often commonly applied to other everyday creatures, such as the poltergeist or even the unicorn!  Here in the Enchanted Realms, however, we can wholeheartedly assure you that the dastardly little critters do indeed exist, although the world might well be a better place without them and their irksome and singularly unhelpful habits.  The predominant characteristic of the gremlin is its ability to locate the proverbial well-oiled machine, then take up residence in its dark and mysterious interior.  Once inhabited, the previously well-oiled machine of course cannot run according to its usual efficacy due to gremlins obstructing its works. It therefore instantly stalls, and/or stops dead in its tracks, wreaking havoc in the surrounding environs which depend on aforementioned well-oiled machine to provide essential duties (whatever they may be).

Suffice to say, the ETPrintworks is currently suffering from exactly such an encounter as described above.   While experts are sought for the most effective means of ridding our presses of the gremlin or gremlins which have made it their new home (cavorting gleefully, we assume, within its inky underbelly), the Printworks has been forced to outsource printing of the Enchanted Times, for the forseeable future.  Regrettably, this means that such innovations as the recently introduced Teeny Tiny Times will be unavailable (for a time).  However, it is not all bad news as a selection of the most popular back issues – ‘The Magnificent Seven’  – are now available in a brand new reprint.  Please see the ETPrintworks store for full details.

Elf TimesWe are also delighted to share these candid snapshots of one of our engrossed readers, who it turns out – despite fervent hopes – is sadly not an expert in gremlin exorcism…

(Photo courtesy of friend-to-the-elven, Rachel Gallagher of Titania’s Tea Party.)