#4 Flight of the nightingale


  • STORY Naked – the story of the nightingale behind the Emperor’s recent & shameful public exposure. Includes exclusive illustration by Holly Mitchell.
  • STORY An Exceptional Clothier by guest reporter Anne E. Johnson – revealing secrets about the Emperor’s New Clothes, Cinderella and more
  • STORY Rates of Exchange – the tale of a simple barter gone dramatically wrong – previously released in limited edition Enchanted Times Mini #3.5 vol. iv as a preview, with alternative title, ‘A Fair Exchange’
  • INTERVIEW The Art of Gold – in which a friend and colleague of Rumpelstiltskin presents a defence of the dwarf’s actions
  • PROJECT The Nightingale – a cross stitch chart
  • PROJECT WeaveWorld presents a DIY Swatch-Weaving Tutorial (faux advertisement feature)
  • OTHER Small ads
  • OTHER The Mirror book review supplement
  • OTHER Puzzled Page, including 2 word puzzles derived from micro-fiction re-tellings of Red Riding Hood and Snow White


See back issues index for further stories featuring this issue’s characters and tales, in similar and alternative contexts.  


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