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PREVIEW: Baba Yaga & Vasilissa the Beautiful

[Illustration right by Ivan Bilibin, 1900]

Once upon a snowy forest, a young girl’s mother lay dying. She called her daughter to the bedside, and reached under her pillow.

”Vasilissa, Little Pigeon, hold out your hand to me,” she said, reaching out her own. “Take this tiny doll, and keep it with you, always. After I am gone it will protect you from danger, just as I would do, if I were able to stay. Whenever you are in need of help, whisper your troubles in her ear, and she will guide you safely through. Always listen carefully to her advice. Trust the doll, and she will guide you well.” Vasilissa clutched the tiny doll in her apron pocket; and watched, silently, as her mother slipped through into another world. Continue reading


Enchanted Times #1

The first print issue of Enchanted Times is now available to purchase.  Highlights include: Continue reading