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Truth-Be-Told Mirrors are back!

Despite multiple reports of mirror malfunction (you know the stories) Truth-Be-Told continues to ride high on a wave of Goblin Market popularity, returning the public’s gaze with an ever-unflinching stare.  The Truth-Be-Told name and reputation remain somehow untarnished, as the company refuses to be blamed for user foolishness (eg switching to Bold as Brass setting when user has already been diagnosed as having a fatal allergy to the truth).

Upon reflection, we believe the all-new Truth-Be-Told Gift Set* could be the perfect stocking filler for the forthcoming festive season. Available in bestselling Bold as Brass setting, as well as the perennially popular White Liar for those who prefer a state of happy delusion, now you can give the gift of truth (or lies)!

* Gift set contains: Truth-Be-Told pocket mirror, Truth-Be-Told pinback button badge, Truth-Be-Told miniature notecard, and miniaturised edition of Enchanted Times Mini: Upon Reflection


New issue & back issues

Enchanted Times #4 will be going to press in the coming week – PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW
& receive an exclusive set of 5 mini notecards sponsored by your favourite Goblin Market brands:
Truth-Be-Told Mirrors,
Pre-Enchanted Princes,
& the Fast-As-You-Can
Weight Loss Plan.

 The new issue of Enchanted Times brings you even more old stories in new news, time & time again!
Highlights of the new issue include:

  • Naked – the possibly real story of the nightingale behind the Emperor’s recent & shameful public exposure
  • The swirly bird – a cross stitch pattern adapted from a brand new and exclusive illustration by Holly Mitchell
  • DIY swatch-weaving tutorial – an advertisement feature courtesy of WeaveWorld
  • An Exceptional Clothier by guest reporter Anne E. Johnson – revealing secrets about the Emperor’s New Clothes, Cinderella and more
  • Rates of Exchange – the tale of a simple barter gone dramatically wrong
  • The Art of Gold – in which a friend and colleague of Rumpelstiltskin defends his actions
  • The Mirror – book review supplement: a reflection of contemporary literature in the fairy tale genre.  This issue focuses on Rumpelstiltskin adaptations.
  • The Puzzled Page – a brand new feature, including micro-fiction re-tellings of Red Riding Hood and Snow White, plus 2 word puzzles
  • Small Ads from our loyal sponsors throughout

Don’t miss it!

Also available now is a  catch-up BUMPER BUNDLE of Enchanted Times back issues, including the first omnibus edition (featuring the best of the out of print issues, ET #1 & #2), Enchanted Times #3, and 5 different Enchanted Times Minis for all the updates on and between issues.

Click here for full details.

Marketplace: facsimile postcard set, Emperor’s New Clothes

The Enchanted Times was recently in receipt of a heavily censored postcard from the Big City.

The postcard was delivered with words deleted using marker pen, in a packet inspected and labelled in accordance with the Correspondence Assured Delivery Treaty. An additional leaflet was enclosed, outlining the specific laws (by Royal Decree) that the postcard message was allegedly in breach of.

The Enchanted Times considers it has a duty to the public of our Enchanted Realms to make the actions of these corrupt City bureaucrats as widely known as possible, therefore a limited number of facsimile postcard/leaflet sets has been curated by the E.T. to illustrate the problem.

Please visit the TangleCrafts Etsy Store for further details & to claim your own limited edition facsimile postcard packet!

The Emperor’s New Clothes, a special report

Ever in search of the very latest news from the Enchanted Realms, an undercover researcher has provided this link to an original version of The Emperor’s New Clothes by author Dylan Evans found in the Entelechy Journal (from Fall 2007 – time travels differently within the Enchanted Realms).  A key element to this traditional tale is the inability of the title character to see that he has been fooled.  Evans takes this element of willful blindness to create a new short tale that almost drips with irony.

EXCLUSIVE! Enchanted Times #3.5, mini online edition

The Enchanted Times is pleased to be able to offer a preview of a very-soon-to-be-released mini edition, #3.5, highlighting the problems encountered by one Mr. R. Stiltskin following the termination of his employment by the monarchs of a neighbouring kingdom (as well as an additional breaking news story).  Click here or on image to left to read this exclusive, 6-page online edition!  N.B. print edition contains 2 additional pages of ads from selected sponsors.

A follow-up to this story will be featured in the next full-size edition of ET, publication date to be confirmed.  A print edition of ET #3.5 is now available for purchase in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store, featuring advertisements from our sponsors (including the Midas Touch Boutique & Rumpelstiltskin Registry of Re-Identification) as well as a special offer DIY weaving loom from Nettled-No-More weavers.  Print editions of ET #3.5 are printed on recycled paper embedded with flecks of golden straw.

The Emperor’s New Clothes: a haiku

Naked before you
my confidence falters.
This is new to me.

A new collection of haiku with classic fairy tale illustrations will be released by the Tangled Press in the near future, and available from the TangleCrafts Etsy Store.