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April subscriptions now available!

ETM FrogmentsThe April subscription issue of Enchanted Times Mini is now available to purchase – please click through for further details.  (Pre-orders will be despatched tomorrow due to ‘real world’ Post Office closures over Easter period.)  Don’t forget, you can subscribe for 6 months or a full year* to be sure you don’t miss an issue!  This is what a new 6 month subscriber had to say upon receipt of her first subscription packet:

“I just received my very first installment of ET Mini, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is this a great concept, the execution is also brilliant. Well written and humorous, high quality with attention to detail, the cutest packaging, thoughtful little extras – I’m just sorry I didn’t but a full year subscription straight away! 🙂 I can’t wait for the next issues, and highly recommend this to anyone. It would also make an excellent present.” (LA – Kobenhavn, Denmark)

The Fast-As-You-Can Courier Company is ready to deliver the latest fairy tale news to your door, fast as they can, once upon a time and time again.  Don’t be behind the times, get behind the Times!

*full year subscriptions available for a limited period only


PRE-ORDER: Frogments, available April only!

ETM FrogmentsApril’s subscription issue of Enchanted Times Mini is now available to pre-order!  ETM #0.5 v.ii Frogments is a brand new, never-before-released issue featuring the latest Frog Prince claimant and exploring his unexpected connection with Cinderella.  A slightly fishy tale of murder, mermaids & madness is also previewed.  Further details and additional images can be found here.

Frogments will be available to purchase singly throughout the month of April only so order now to avoid disappointment!  (Alternatively, check out subscription options for the latest news once upon a time & time again!)

Limited Edition, available now!

A Special Edition of Enchanted Times has been released, in a limited print run of just 20 copies. This luxury edition is printed on super-thick (170gsm) creamy paper in order to do justice to the full colour original artwork throughout, from our 4 guest artists. Contents of this issue include:

  • Reverse, Revise, Recycle – an editorial by your editor Su Mwamba, examining the changing expectations of life within the Enchanted Realms
  • Snow White and the Seven Lemur; Little Red Riding Lemur – illustrations by…Lemur
  • My Toady – a 4-page story with illustrations by April E. Johnson, based on the traditional tales of enchanted frogs & princes
  • Little Red Riding Hood; Alternate Ending – illustrations by Sharon Van Dussen
  • Wolf at the Door – preview of a story to appear in Enchanted Times #5, by Su Mwamba
  • The Little Match Girl – a watercolour story by Heather Cuff
  • Contributing Artists – mini biographies of all involved with this Special Edition of the Enchanted Times

Additional preview images are available in the E.T.Printworks store.

Artwork preview: Holly Mitchell

* * * 

The Enchanted Times has previously featured the stunning artwork of Holly Mitchell in issue #3 (Red Riding Hood) and the editor is delighted to announce a collaboration which will see further exclusive illustrations for selected future Enchanted Times feature stories.

An Enchanted Times special edition is scheduled for release in 2012.  In the meantime, see left and below for a preview of some of the enchanting artwork to come:
the Frog Prince and the Pied Piper.

* * *

A D.I.Y. frog-swatch notebook

Print and fold a fun frog-swatch notebook and have quick notes to hand wherever you may be!  Read the story that inspired this project here.

  • Choose the A4 frog-swatch notebook or the letter-size frog-swatch notebook
  • Two templates are provided so you can choose from plain or lined pages.  Can’t decide?  Print them back to back for maximum versatility and paper usage!
  • Trim off the unprinted 0.5cm border, then fold along dotted lines.  Click to enlarge folding guide (above right).

Some brief notes on the Frog Prince

Notes from the author of Look Before You Leap:

In the traditional story of the Frog Prince (also known as the Frog King or Iron Henry) as told by the Brothers Grimm, the Princess drops her golden ball into a pool of water. A frog offers to retrieve it for her, on the condition that she will love him, let him live with her, eat from her plate and sleep on her bed. The princess, disbelieving that the frog can leave the spring, but wanting her ball back, agrees to his terms. The frog fulfils his side of the bargain, and when the frog turns up at the castle the next day, at the behest of her father, the Princess begrudgingly agrees to honour her promise.

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FULL STORY! Look Before You Leap

Previously published in Enchanted Times #1, Look Before You Leap re-tells the true tale of the Frog Prince, from the deluded frog’s perspective.  You may be surprised to learn that the traditional story as made famous by the Brothers Grimm et al is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of events…

[Sample shown above left: a swatch of fabric as imagined by Frog, to be worn on his wedding day.  Receive a FREE fabric sample with your copy of Enchanted Times #1 or print & fold your very own frog-swatch notebook right here!] Continue reading