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A mysterious missive…

With the exception of monthly subscription despatch, all has been curiously quiet on the Enchanted front for the last couple of months. So it was with interest that we investigated a mysterious missive that made its way to us all the way from the Real World.  The only name provided for the sender was simply Snout.  We are suspicious. Surely not correspondence from one of the notorious Pygg Brothers (Pygg the Elder, Pygg the Younger and Pygg in the Middle, proprieters of the dubious property rental outfit Pygg Lets, recently seen in court pitted against none other than Mr. B. B. Wolf)?  If so, why the pseudonym – ‘snout’ surely being somewhat ‘on the nose’, so to speak?  Or perhaps it is an elaborate double bluff – but in any case, why?

the snout report 1

The Snout Report

Please read the attached document yourself (click on the pic for PDF) and make up your own mind as to its meaning or relevance…as a real world re-enactment of Rumpelstiltskin unfolds!


Temporary closure

Apologies for the temporary closure of the ETPrintworks store.  This is due to a Real World family emergency.  Hopefully everything will be up and running again in a few weeks’ time (the April issue of ETM will be available for a period in May to make up for lack of availability in its designated month).  It is possible the shop will re-open for pre-orders in the meantime – please sign up for notification on the store homepage.  Thank you for your patience and consideration.

DISCOUNTS in the new E.T.Printworks store!

The Enchanted Times is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new store: the E.T.Printworks!  Although Enchanted Times will continue to be available from TangleCrafts, additional items and special offers from Enchanted Times will now be available exclusively from E.T.Printworks.

To celebrate the launch, Enchanted Times blog readers can claim a one-off discount of 20% on any single order placed before June 30th, 2012,
by using the coupon code PRINTWORKS at the E.T.Printworks checkout.

All orders placed this month will also receive a Behind the Times badge, plus coupon code to claim discounts on further orders!  Look out for future exclusives, available only from E.T.Printworks & tell your friends!

Marketplace: an Enchanted Etsy treasury

Get yourself the deal of a lifetime!  Enchanted Times has sponsored an Etsy treasury, filled to the brim with fairy tale-themed handmade delights.  Picture left shows the Deal of a Lifetime Rumpelstiltskin document available from PixieDustMiniatures.  Other tales re-created for your crafty appreciation are Baba Yaga, Billy Goats Gruff, Frog Prince, Goldilocks, Hansel & Gretel, Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel, and Red Riding Hood.   N. B.   Highlighted artists have no known affiliation with the Enchanted Times publication or staff.


This is a call-out to all ‘real world’ artists, crafters & makers:

  • Do you sell a product that would be relevant to the readers of Enchanted Times?
  • Do you write fairy tales, or create artwork with a fairy tale theme?

The Editor is seeking quality handmade items to review on these pages.  Please see Submissions page for further details.

Welcome to these Enchanted Times

The Enchanted Times is the voice of a people who exist only in the subconscious of the ‘real world’, forever defined & re-defined through fairy tales.  These web pages will provide supplementary features, ads & updates, between print versions of this journal of Once Upon a Time & Long Ago.