What readers are saying about the Enchanted Times (& other Goblin Market products):

Enchanted Times

“What a wonderful read – love the news papers. Thanks.” ~ JPW – New South Wales, Australia (Nov 2012)

“Fantastic, really pleased with my parcel and extras – thank you so much!” ~ SL – Staffordshire, UK (Oct 2012)

“Love Enchanted Times!” ~ JR – Ohio, USA (Jun 2012)

“I love the packaging – always different, always interesting!” ~ JR – Ohio, USA (Jun 2012)

“Love it, interesting as always. Thanks.” ~ KWW – Falkirk, Scotland (Mar 2012)

“We love them!!!! Oh my goodness, they are so much fun!!” ~ AC – Los Angeles (Sept 2011)

“I’ll be savoring these little and big zines over the next week. Thank you for getting it out so quickly and sharing your talents!” ~ LB – Kansas, USA (Sept 2011)

“Love the stories. So much fun stuff in here! Thanks again.” ~ KE – Oregon, USA (Apr 2011)

“Just got it. Cant wait to read it. Always love your stuff! So well written, created, crafted and presented. Love Love Love!” ~ LZ – Queensland, Australia (Sept 2010)

“I love love love it. You make me love fairy tales again. Just wonderful.” ~ LZ – Queensland, Australia (Jul 2010)

“I love it! So beautifully done.” ~ KSA – Massachusetts, USA (Jul 2010)

Enchanted Times Mini

“Brilliant product, brilliant service – thanks Su!” ~ JW – Warrington, UK (Nov 2012)

“Was so excited to see this on the door mat among boring letters! Spent a while taking pictures of my delivery and trying to work out how I could open it without spoiling it, it’s so cool! (I used a metal emery board in the end to slowly get under the sticker!) It’s so awesome!” ~ KH – Gloucestershire, UK (Aug 2012)

“We love these!” ~ AC – Los Angeles, USA (May 2012)

“Highly enjoyable as always.” ~ KWW – Falkirk, Scotland (Jan 2012)

“Arrived today, love them, they’re gorgeous…now my daughters want some!” ~ CC – Perth, Australia (Aug 2011)

“Another perfect transaction. The items are gorgeous and the service was flawless.” ~ EC – London, UK (Aug 2011)

Light of my Life Matchbox

“…such a sweet, dear little item…” ~ MD – Paisley, Scotland (Nov 2012)

“I love this little item. Thank you so much. The whole thing is very sweet and really well put together and for a great price.” ~ LA – London, UK (Nov 2012)

Truth-Be-Told Mirrors

“I love your work! The mirror arrived very quickly from overseas, and is just wonderful and quirky and perfect. Thank you :)” ~ TL – New York, USA (Jul 2012)

“Love it!” ~ AC – Los Angeles, USA (May 2012)

Other Goblin Market Products

“These are just lovely, so funny and sweet – thanks so much.” ~ JPW – New South Wales, Australia (Sept 2012)

“We love them! Thank you so much!” ~ AC – Los Angeles, USA (Mar 2012)

“Wonderful and fun – love the logo.” ~ KWW – Falkirk, Scotland (Jan 2012)

“These are awesome!” ~ SC – Saskatchewan, Canada (Jul 2011)

Have you read the Enchanted Times?
We value your opinion!  Please post your comments below (as well as which issue/s you have read).


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