Suggestions Box

Enchanted Times values the opinion of its readers, and we would love to hear your suggestions for consideration in future issues.  Which stories would you like to see us investigate?  Use the form below to submit your requests.
The person who provides information leading to a future feature story, or discovery of a related Goblin Market product will receive a complimentary copy of the relevant issue (/product).

See Back Issue Index for a list of stories already covered in previous issues of Enchanted Times.  However, please feel free to submit a request for a previously covered story to be re-considered – there are always new angles to be discovered!


Small print:

  • A valid email address is required for entry.  This will not be published online & will be used to contact winners for postal details only.
  • Maximum of 3 suggestions per entrant
  • If the same story/source material is suggested by more than one entrant, a winner will be chosen at random from all applicable entrants
  • Offer applies to items produced by ETPrintworks during the period up to and including December 31st 2013 (this date may be extended at the Editor’s discretion)
  • The decision of the Editor is final.

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