The Mirror

The Mirror: a reflection of contemporary literature in the fairy tale genre

The lives of enchantment that we lead are influenced first and foremost by the conscious and subconscious of the real world.  Where once 3 little pigs would always meet a big bad wolf, these days it is quite likely to be 3 innocent wolf pups maligned by a big bad hog, instead.  Or maybe the big bad wolf was simply misunderstood.  It is essential for the enchanted folk to assimilate with the new expectations the ‘real world’ has of them, and as such, the Enchanted Times aims to keep the enchanted folk abreast of topical developments through an ongoing series of reviews.  These will include traditional tales, revised versions & criticism thereof, as seen fit by the editor.

Reviews are filed by author but searchable by the referenced tales.

Some of these reviews have previously appeared within the Enchanted Times Mirror supplement.  Many books/zines will appear as title & author only or with minimal/summary review, to be expanded at a later date.  All reviews are copyright to Su Mwamba unless otherwise credited, and may not be reproduced without express permission.

Readers are welcomed to submit their own reviews for these pages, including coverage of books which have already been featured.  Diversity of opinion & debate are welcomed. 

Have you written a relevant book or zine that you would like to see reviewed on these pages?  See Submissions for guidelines. 

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