BeansTalk Ltd.

Are you the lucky recipient of an Enchanted Times promotional pack of BeansTalk Magic Beans?  Follow these instructions for best results:

  • Return your voucher to the Rumpelstiltskin Registry of Re-Identification – research undertaken by the EPA* has shown that bean-growers known as ‘Jack’ have had by far the best results with this variety of bean.
  • Choose a sunny position in fertile soil; sow direct into ground in early May, spacing approx. 3″ apart, 1.5-2″ deep
  • Seedlings should appear in approx. 17 days.  Keep well-watered.
  • Stake & tie with garden twine as they develop.
  • Beans will be ready for harvest approx. 7-8 weeks after sowing.
  • Further growth of beanstalks escalating to heights reaching giant’s castle in clouds cannot be guaranteed.   Safety of bean-grower cannot be guaranteed by BeansTalk Ltd, under any circumstances.  Beanstalks grown & scaled at grower’s own risk.  This product has been submitted for EPA* approval.


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