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New artwork preview

Staff artist Holly Mitchell has done it again!  ETPrintworks is delighted to present a sneak preview of another stunning piece of artwork to appear in a forthcoming issue of Enchanted Times:


Limited Edition, available now!

A Special Edition of Enchanted Times has been released, in a limited print run of just 20 copies. This luxury edition is printed on super-thick (170gsm) creamy paper in order to do justice to the full colour original artwork throughout, from our 4 guest artists. Contents of this issue include:

  • Reverse, Revise, Recycle – an editorial by your editor Su Mwamba, examining the changing expectations of life within the Enchanted Realms
  • Snow White and the Seven Lemur; Little Red Riding Lemur – illustrations by…Lemur
  • My Toady – a 4-page story with illustrations by April E. Johnson, based on the traditional tales of enchanted frogs & princes
  • Little Red Riding Hood; Alternate Ending – illustrations by Sharon Van Dussen
  • Wolf at the Door – preview of a story to appear in Enchanted Times #5, by Su Mwamba
  • The Little Match Girl – a watercolour story by Heather Cuff
  • Contributing Artists – mini biographies of all involved with this Special Edition of the Enchanted Times

Additional preview images are available in the E.T.Printworks store.

Artwork preview: Holly Mitchell

* * * 

The Enchanted Times has previously featured the stunning artwork of Holly Mitchell in issue #3 (Red Riding Hood) and the editor is delighted to announce a collaboration which will see further exclusive illustrations for selected future Enchanted Times feature stories.

An Enchanted Times special edition is scheduled for release in 2012.  In the meantime, see left and below for a preview of some of the enchanting artwork to come:
the Frog Prince and the Pied Piper.

* * *