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A mysterious missive…

With the exception of monthly subscription despatch, all has been curiously quiet on the Enchanted front for the last couple of months. So it was with interest that we investigated a mysterious missive that made its way to us all the way from the Real World.  The only name provided for the sender was simply Snout.  We are suspicious. Surely not correspondence from one of the notorious Pygg Brothers (Pygg the Elder, Pygg the Younger and Pygg in the Middle, proprieters of the dubious property rental outfit Pygg Lets, recently seen in court pitted against none other than Mr. B. B. Wolf)?  If so, why the pseudonym – ‘snout’ surely being somewhat ‘on the nose’, so to speak?  Or perhaps it is an elaborate double bluff – but in any case, why?

the snout report 1

The Snout Report

Please read the attached document yourself (click on the pic for PDF) and make up your own mind as to its meaning or relevance…as a real world re-enactment of Rumpelstiltskin unfolds!


Online exclusive: New Year News

strike a light cover story (c) 2012 Su Mwamba

Readers rewarded!

ETPrintworks has added a new archive to the site, providing a handy link to projects & features which have been offered FREE in previous blog posts.  This will be updated with any new items as they become available.  Please browse the list and enjoy.  Merry Yuletide!


The Emperor’s New Clothes, a special report

Ever in search of the very latest news from the Enchanted Realms, an undercover researcher has provided this link to an original version of The Emperor’s New Clothes by author Dylan Evans found in the Entelechy Journal (from Fall 2007 – time travels differently within the Enchanted Realms).  A key element to this traditional tale is the inability of the title character to see that he has been fooled.  Evans takes this element of willful blindness to create a new short tale that almost drips with irony.

EXCLUSIVE! Enchanted Times #3.5, mini online edition

The Enchanted Times is pleased to be able to offer a preview of a very-soon-to-be-released mini edition, #3.5, highlighting the problems encountered by one Mr. R. Stiltskin following the termination of his employment by the monarchs of a neighbouring kingdom (as well as an additional breaking news story).  Click here or on image to left to read this exclusive, 6-page online edition!  N.B. print edition contains 2 additional pages of ads from selected sponsors.

A follow-up to this story will be featured in the next full-size edition of ET, publication date to be confirmed.  A print edition of ET #3.5 is now available for purchase in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store, featuring advertisements from our sponsors (including the Midas Touch Boutique & Rumpelstiltskin Registry of Re-Identification) as well as a special offer DIY weaving loom from Nettled-No-More weavers.  Print editions of ET #3.5 are printed on recycled paper embedded with flecks of golden straw.

EXCLUSIVE: Gingerbread Man e-zine

Enchanted Times #3 is due for release in late May 2011.  In the meantime, a major new sponsor for the Enchanted Times journal, the Fast-As-You-Can Weight Loss Co would like to share the following exclusive online preview of their patented Gingerbread Man Plan, including recipe & full instructions.
Click here for a sneak preview to read online!

PREVIEW: free Pied Piper mini-zine!

Enchanted Times #3 is due for release in 2011, but in the meantime, Enchanted Times #2.5 is in preparation, focusing entirely on the Pied Piper of Hamelin, in all his guises.
Click here for a sneak preview to read online!If you prefer a hard copy of this mini-zine sampler, TangleClub members receive a free copy with any order placed in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store throughout November.