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ADDENDUM: The Art of Gold

It has been brought to the attention of the Editor that one of the feature articles from Enchanted Times #4, The Art of Gold (as reprinted below) – being the result of an interview with an unnamed representative from the Rumpelstiltskin Registry of Re-identification – lacks clarity for those readers non-conversant in colloquial dwarfish dialect.  Thus, an addendum has been produced, and a ‘translation’ insert will be included with all future print copies of Enchanted Times #4.  Pre-orders were despatched before the introduction of said addendum; however, the insert will be forwarded to all subscribers forthwith, courtesy of the  Fast-as-You-Can Courier Co.

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the art of gold*

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The Emperor’s New Clothes, a special report

Ever in search of the very latest news from the Enchanted Realms, an undercover researcher has provided this link to an original version of The Emperor’s New Clothes by author Dylan Evans found in the Entelechy Journal (from Fall 2007 – time travels differently within the Enchanted Realms).  A key element to this traditional tale is the inability of the title character to see that he has been fooled.  Evans takes this element of willful blindness to create a new short tale that almost drips with irony.

Some notes on spinning straw into gold

A brief note from editor Su Mwamba, upon researching the story of Rumpelstiltskin for a forthcoming issue of Enchanted Times:

My strongest memories from childhood of the Rumpelstiltskin tale are of his striped & bandy legs stamping through the palace floor in a fury, after being named by the Queen.  I later realised that this imagery came to me directly from Vera Southgate’s illustrations to the (now vintage) abridged version of the fairy tale published by Ladybird, originally in the 60s.  I didn’t think much more about it until Continue reading

Some brief notes on the Frog Prince

Notes from the author of Look Before You Leap:

In the traditional story of the Frog Prince (also known as the Frog King or Iron Henry) as told by the Brothers Grimm, the Princess drops her golden ball into a pool of water. A frog offers to retrieve it for her, on the condition that she will love him, let him live with her, eat from her plate and sleep on her bed. The princess, disbelieving that the frog can leave the spring, but wanting her ball back, agrees to his terms. The frog fulfils his side of the bargain, and when the frog turns up at the castle the next day, at the behest of her father, the Princess begrudgingly agrees to honour her promise.

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