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May & June Subscriptions + Special Offer

For anyone who missed the re-launch of the ETPrintworks Store a couple of weeks ago, not only is the delayed May issue of Enchanted Times Mini now available (for a limited, extended period), but also the on-schedule June issue, Just So Stories, is in stock for the absolute latest old stories in new news.

To celebrate the re-launch, ETPrintworks is offering a No New News Notebook(/Newspaper/Diary) absolutely FREE when you spend £5 or more (excl. shipping).  This offer is for the month of June only, so don’t miss out!

ETM #1.5 v.i: Wolf at the Door

  • wolf at the door This issue brings you up to date with the latest court proceedings in the case of Mr. B. B. Wolf v. the Pygg Bros (Pygg the Elder, Pygg the Younger & Pygg-in-the-Middle):
  • Mr. Wolf stands accused of wilful property damage, forced entry, and attempted burglary. Mr. Wolf denies all charges, claiming he was too weak to have acted with any violent motive, barely having recuperated from recent (near-fatal) axe wounds to the stomach.
  • In other courtside news, we hear a Mr. T. Rolley’s accusations against the Billy Bros with regard to malicious and vindictive trip-trapping across the roof of Mr. Rolley’s Underbridge Lodge (his bridge being the only right of way to the pastures providing a prime location for the Billy Bros’ own Grass is Greener Guesthouse).
  • Small ads also featured from a number of Enchanted Times sponsors, including ‘Who’s Afraid? Worry Bag’ (TM) and of course Pygg Lets.

ETM #1.5 v.ii: Just So Stories

  • Just So StoriesThis issue uncovers the connection between the Sleeping Beauty & Goldilocks, and includes:
  • escalation of the dispute between Mr. T. Rolley, proprieter of the Underbridge Lodge, and the not-so-neighbourly Billy Bros.
  • why the Sleeping Beauty left her Prince Charming and why she has no sympathy for Rumpelstiltskin
  • how a narcoleptic Goldilocks ended up in the 3 bears’ house, and how demand for her services developed into a feud between forest-dwelling hoteliers
  • small ads from 2 of the featured hotels, The Grass is Greener Guesthouse, and the Better-Bear-None Boarding House

Sale updates & latest news

Since we announced our January sale at the beginning of the month, we have learned that an anticipated re-location will affect the E.T.Printworks offices a little earlier than anticipated.  The Printworks will now be entirely CLOSED throughout the month of February.

Place an order at E.T.Printworks* before the end of January and claim a 25% discount on your order simply enter coupon code NEWHOME at checkout

E.T.Printworks will re-launch in March with a number of new designs, ideas and paper-stock.  Please note that certain items currently available will be discontinued following the re-launch, so buy now to avoid disappointment!  ETM 3 for 2

A monthly subscription will be introduced for single issues of Enchanted Times Mini so if there are any gaps in your collection you may wish to take advantage of the current 3 for 2 offer (combined with the aforementioned 25% discount!) before this option is retired.

ET Omnibus 1 coverPlease also note that stocks of Enchanted Times Omnibus #1 are running perilously low.  This issue will not be reprinted so don’t miss out on your last chance to buy!

*If you prefer to order through Folksy, drop me a line with or immediately following your order, and I will apply the discount retrospectively, as a Paypal refund.

January Sale!

As E.T.Printworks strives to bring you all the latest old stories in new news, we also strive to bring you products of the finest quality.  With this in mind, we have recently undertaken a series of experiments to determine the best paper on which to print & preserve the stories we bring you.  By the end of the month, all Enchanted Times Mini newspapers will be printed on a fine-grade recycled paper (in an elegant off-white shade with all-over speckling) which provides sharper print clarity and truer colour representation for the most pleasurable reading experience.

Enchanted Times Mini (c) 2012, Su MwambaJANUARY SALE!

In the meantime, you can purchase copies of Enchanted Times Mini* at HALF PRICE while stocks of our original, standard paper are sold through.  This offer will be available strictly while stocks last so don’t miss the opportunity to catch up on the latest old news and be Behind the Times for a fraction of the usual price!

*offer excludes ETM #3.5 Spin! which will continue to be printed on straw paper

Please look out for additional clearance items to be added to the sale category very soon!

NEW: Suggestions Box

In the recent Seasonal Sampler Giveaway, entrants were asked if there was a particular story they would like to see covered in a future issue of Enchanted Times.  Responses ranged from Frankenstein/plastic surgery (unlikely!) to anything dog-related (can you think of any doggish fairy tales?  I was blank on this for a while, but actually ‘The Tinder-Box’ by Hans Andersen is a strong contender).

Seaglass - Mermaid - (c) Jenny SmartOther suggestions included:

  • East of the Sun & West of the Moon
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker
  • Hans, my Hedgehog
  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Who knows what the New Year will bring, but I will certainly bear all these suggestions in mind when sending out ET’s roving reporters to uncover new strands of old stories.  In the meantime, please enjoy this stunning adaptation of Andersen’s Little Mermaid by Jenny Smart (whose Thumbelina artwork also featured in ETM #5.5 v.iii A little goes a long way).

Do you have more ideas for stories in need of (further/) investigation by the Enchanted Times?  Please see the new SUGGESTIONS BOX feature, under the drop-down feedback menu above.  If your suggestion leads to a future feature story (or discovery of a new Goblin Market product), you could be a winner – follow the link for further details!

Seasonal Sampler Giveaway!


ETPrintworks (in association with the Fast-As-You-Can Courier Company) has put together 4 blog-exclusive Seasonal Samplers for you, each set comprising:
  • A previously unreleased seasonal cover story
  • 2 mini-sheets of Fast-As-You-Can CoCo tear-off, peel’n’stick faux postage (bound into Seasonal Sweets card)
  • A randomly selected back issue of Enchanted Times Mini (will vary from issue shown)
  • A mini-sheet of ‘Behind the Times’ labels/seals
  • A ‘Behind the Times’ pinback button badge
There are 4 Seasonal Sampler Sets to be won, & maybe a runners-up prize or two, also!

For your chance to win, all you need to do is:

  1. BROWSE the posts & pages here at enchantedtimes.wordpress.com
  2. POST A COMMENT about anything that catches your eye, on the relevant page. Feedback on almost any aspect of the site is much appreciated!
  3. COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW, including a valid email address so that you can be contacted for postal details, if you are a winner (this will not be shown online or shared elsewhere)
  4. Closing date December 2nd


See Giveaways page for small print & further details.


LIMITED EDITION Multi Mini offer!

Pop on your 7 league boots – it’s time to stride over to the ETPrintworks online store!  A special print run of Enchanted Times Mini
has just been released, each issue printed on recycled coffee paper (with an elegantly mottled, parchment-like effect).
Only two of these limited edition gift sets* will EVER be available so don’t miss out!

*(Each gift set also contains a set of 4 mini Cover Story note cards & a mini sheet of all-new ‘Behind the Times’ seals.)  

Truth-Be-Told Mirrors are back!

Despite multiple reports of mirror malfunction (you know the stories) Truth-Be-Told continues to ride high on a wave of Goblin Market popularity, returning the public’s gaze with an ever-unflinching stare.  The Truth-Be-Told name and reputation remain somehow untarnished, as the company refuses to be blamed for user foolishness (eg switching to Bold as Brass setting when user has already been diagnosed as having a fatal allergy to the truth).

Upon reflection, we believe the all-new Truth-Be-Told Gift Set* could be the perfect stocking filler for the forthcoming festive season. Available in bestselling Bold as Brass setting, as well as the perennially popular White Liar for those who prefer a state of happy delusion, now you can give the gift of truth (or lies)!

* Gift set contains: Truth-Be-Told pocket mirror, Truth-Be-Told pinback button badge, Truth-Be-Told miniature notecard, and miniaturised edition of Enchanted Times Mini: Upon Reflection