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The Missing Tree Mystery – join our campaign!

little fir treeActing on evidence provided by a young hare, the Enchanted Times has just released a new Cover Story notecard relating the heartbreaking tale of the hare’s leveret-hood friend, a Little Fir Tree, who has recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances. According to the elders of his kindle, such wholesale abduction occurs on an annual basis, and more fir tree friends lost over the years than can be counted.

The Missing Tree Mystery Campaign has been launched in a bid to end the trafficking and unacceptable treatment of our beloved forest trees. In order to raise awareness for the Campaign we ask that you, our loyal readers, spread the word to all your correspondents this festive season, and help us make the Missing Tree Mystery global headline news!


Online exclusive: New Year News

strike a light cover story (c) 2012 Su Mwamba

Readers rewarded!

ETPrintworks has added a new archive to the site, providing a handy link to projects & features which have been offered FREE in previous blog posts.  This will be updated with any new items as they become available.  Please browse the list and enjoy.  Merry Yuletide!


Seasonal Sampler Giveaway!


ETPrintworks (in association with the Fast-As-You-Can Courier Company) has put together 4 blog-exclusive Seasonal Samplers for you, each set comprising:
  • A previously unreleased seasonal cover story
  • 2 mini-sheets of Fast-As-You-Can CoCo tear-off, peel’n’stick faux postage (bound into Seasonal Sweets card)
  • A randomly selected back issue of Enchanted Times Mini (will vary from issue shown)
  • A mini-sheet of ‘Behind the Times’ labels/seals
  • A ‘Behind the Times’ pinback button badge
There are 4 Seasonal Sampler Sets to be won, & maybe a runners-up prize or two, also!

For your chance to win, all you need to do is:

  1. BROWSE the posts & pages here at enchantedtimes.wordpress.com
  2. POST A COMMENT about anything that catches your eye, on the relevant page. Feedback on almost any aspect of the site is much appreciated!
  3. COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW, including a valid email address so that you can be contacted for postal details, if you are a winner (this will not be shown online or shared elsewhere)
  4. Closing date December 2nd


See Giveaways page for small print & further details.


ADDENDUM: The Art of Gold

It has been brought to the attention of the Editor that one of the feature articles from Enchanted Times #4, The Art of Gold (as reprinted below) – being the result of an interview with an unnamed representative from the Rumpelstiltskin Registry of Re-identification – lacks clarity for those readers non-conversant in colloquial dwarfish dialect.  Thus, an addendum has been produced, and a ‘translation’ insert will be included with all future print copies of Enchanted Times #4.  Pre-orders were despatched before the introduction of said addendum; however, the insert will be forwarded to all subscribers forthwith, courtesy of the  Fast-as-You-Can Courier Co.

* * *

the art of gold*

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Marketplace: facsimile postcard set, Emperor’s New Clothes

The Enchanted Times was recently in receipt of a heavily censored postcard from the Big City.

The postcard was delivered with words deleted using marker pen, in a packet inspected and labelled in accordance with the Correspondence Assured Delivery Treaty. An additional leaflet was enclosed, outlining the specific laws (by Royal Decree) that the postcard message was allegedly in breach of.

The Enchanted Times considers it has a duty to the public of our Enchanted Realms to make the actions of these corrupt City bureaucrats as widely known as possible, therefore a limited number of facsimile postcard/leaflet sets has been curated by the E.T. to illustrate the problem.

Please visit the TangleCrafts Etsy Store for further details & to claim your own limited edition facsimile postcard packet!

EXCLUSIVE! Enchanted Times #3.5, mini online edition

The Enchanted Times is pleased to be able to offer a preview of a very-soon-to-be-released mini edition, #3.5, highlighting the problems encountered by one Mr. R. Stiltskin following the termination of his employment by the monarchs of a neighbouring kingdom (as well as an additional breaking news story).  Click here or on image to left to read this exclusive, 6-page online edition!  N.B. print edition contains 2 additional pages of ads from selected sponsors.

A follow-up to this story will be featured in the next full-size edition of ET, publication date to be confirmed.  A print edition of ET #3.5 is now available for purchase in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store, featuring advertisements from our sponsors (including the Midas Touch Boutique & Rumpelstiltskin Registry of Re-Identification) as well as a special offer DIY weaving loom from Nettled-No-More weavers.  Print editions of ET #3.5 are printed on recycled paper embedded with flecks of golden straw.