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A gremlin in the works!

Apparently in the real world, gremlins are commonly believed to be fictional/mythical creatures -a misconception often commonly applied to other everyday creatures, such as the poltergeist or even the unicorn!  Here in the Enchanted Realms, however, we can wholeheartedly assure you that the dastardly little critters do indeed exist, although the world might well be a better place without them and their irksome and singularly unhelpful habits.  The predominant characteristic of the gremlin is its ability to locate the proverbial well-oiled machine, then take up residence in its dark and mysterious interior.  Once inhabited, the previously well-oiled machine of course cannot run according to its usual efficacy due to gremlins obstructing its works. It therefore instantly stalls, and/or stops dead in its tracks, wreaking havoc in the surrounding environs which depend on aforementioned well-oiled machine to provide essential duties (whatever they may be).

Suffice to say, the ETPrintworks is currently suffering from exactly such an encounter as described above.   While experts are sought for the most effective means of ridding our presses of the gremlin or gremlins which have made it their new home (cavorting gleefully, we assume, within its inky underbelly), the Printworks has been forced to outsource printing of the Enchanted Times, for the forseeable future.  Regrettably, this means that such innovations as the recently introduced Teeny Tiny Times will be unavailable (for a time).  However, it is not all bad news as a selection of the most popular back issues – ‘The Magnificent Seven’  – are now available in a brand new reprint.  Please see the ETPrintworks store for full details.

Elf TimesWe are also delighted to share these candid snapshots of one of our engrossed readers, who it turns out – despite fervent hopes – is sadly not an expert in gremlin exorcism…

(Photo courtesy of friend-to-the-elven, Rachel Gallagher of Titania’s Tea Party.)


Enchanted Times Mini is shrinking!

Has a dastardly curse struck the E.T.Printworks printing press? Has one of our recent stories raised the ire of some Evil Goblin or Wicked Witch who has now wreaked their revenge? Worry not! Enchanted Times Mini is shrinking for a far more benign and practical reason: our miniaturisation is due to growing demand from a small-but-expanding faction of our readership – elves, goblins, dwarves, fairies etc – who find the current page size far too cumbersome for their own diminutive dimensions. Similarly in the Real World, what dollshouse would be complete without a copy of Enchanted Times to complement the miniature environs? Yet the previous size of ETM was all too large for the hands of the majority of dollkind…

Teeny Tiny TwinsetTherefore with aspiration only to satisfy our growing Goblin Markets, E.T.Printworks is delighted to present to you the freshly shrunken Enchanted Times Mini, of almost microscopic proportions (barely a quarter of original Mini size at just 3.5 x 4.75cm): The Teeny Tiny Times. The print is still legible to the human eye while the scale is far better suited to our lilliputian friends. Those of a larger stature will of course continue to be catered for, and twinsets of both Mini (original) and Mini (micro) editions will henceforth be available (more to be added shortly).

The first dual-scale issue to be released is December’s ETM, None So Blind, in which Queen Rapunzel initiates the Great Salad Plan and clearly demonstrates that she is not at all bitter. Further news to follow, in the New Year…

STOP PRESS The Month of May is Missing!

ETM 1.5 cover previewApologies to all Enchanted Times readers & subscribers.  Due to unavoidable circumstances, the ETPrintworks press will not be rolling again for at least another couple of weeks.

Despatch to subscribers of Enchanted Times Mini will be prioritised as soon as the delayed May issue becomes available; but in the interim, a PDF preview copy will be emailed to each subscriber on May 1st, in anticipation of the postponed print edition.

Further apologies for the continued unavailability of all items from the ETPrintworks store.  The shop will re-open as soon as circumstances allow.  Please do sign up for notification of the shop’s return, or watch this space…

Temporary closure

Apologies for the temporary closure of the ETPrintworks store.  This is due to a Real World family emergency.  Hopefully everything will be up and running again in a few weeks’ time (the April issue of ETM will be available for a period in May to make up for lack of availability in its designated month).  It is possible the shop will re-open for pre-orders in the meantime – please sign up for notification on the store homepage.  Thank you for your patience and consideration.

Re-location update

The shop of interestThe time has come, and the E.T.Printworks store is now closed for re-location.  We will be re-launching at an as-yet-unspecified date in March, but if you are desperate for the latest old news in the meantime, please visit The Shop of Interest, who are currently stocking a select range of our products, including Truth-Be-Told Mirrors, and some shop-exclusive sampler & gift sets.

Sale updates & latest news

Since we announced our January sale at the beginning of the month, we have learned that an anticipated re-location will affect the E.T.Printworks offices a little earlier than anticipated.  The Printworks will now be entirely CLOSED throughout the month of February.

Place an order at E.T.Printworks* before the end of January and claim a 25% discount on your order simply enter coupon code NEWHOME at checkout

E.T.Printworks will re-launch in March with a number of new designs, ideas and paper-stock.  Please note that certain items currently available will be discontinued following the re-launch, so buy now to avoid disappointment!  ETM 3 for 2

A monthly subscription will be introduced for single issues of Enchanted Times Mini so if there are any gaps in your collection you may wish to take advantage of the current 3 for 2 offer (combined with the aforementioned 25% discount!) before this option is retired.

ET Omnibus 1 coverPlease also note that stocks of Enchanted Times Omnibus #1 are running perilously low.  This issue will not be reprinted so don’t miss out on your last chance to buy!

*If you prefer to order through Folksy, drop me a line with or immediately following your order, and I will apply the discount retrospectively, as a Paypal refund.

January Sale!

As E.T.Printworks strives to bring you all the latest old stories in new news, we also strive to bring you products of the finest quality.  With this in mind, we have recently undertaken a series of experiments to determine the best paper on which to print & preserve the stories we bring you.  By the end of the month, all Enchanted Times Mini newspapers will be printed on a fine-grade recycled paper (in an elegant off-white shade with all-over speckling) which provides sharper print clarity and truer colour representation for the most pleasurable reading experience.

Enchanted Times Mini (c) 2012, Su MwambaJANUARY SALE!

In the meantime, you can purchase copies of Enchanted Times Mini* at HALF PRICE while stocks of our original, standard paper are sold through.  This offer will be available strictly while stocks last so don’t miss the opportunity to catch up on the latest old news and be Behind the Times for a fraction of the usual price!

*offer excludes ETM #3.5 Spin! which will continue to be printed on straw paper

Please look out for additional clearance items to be added to the sale category very soon!