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New ETMini back issues


Be behind the Times, not behind the times!  ETPrintworks has recently released 4 new back issues of Enchanted Times Mini, to keep you up to speed with all the latest, oldest stories.  Now available:

  • ETM #0.1 – Reverse, Revise Recycle: 
    an introduction to the everyday philosophies of the Enchanted Realms, and an overview of how our times have changed/are ever-changing.  This issue features 2 original illustrations of the less common Lemur interpretations of Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. We also report on an ongoing trial regarding Mr. B. B. Wolf and the Pygg brothers, proprieters of property rental outfit, Pygg Lets. The AAAA (Action Against Archetypes Alliance) anxiously awaits the outcome.
  • ETM #2.5 vol. i – The rat in the hat came back:  
    we discover what happened when the Pied Piper made the mistake of returning to the scene of his most infamous crime, and the townsfolk finally exacted their revenge. This issue is sponsored by Pied Piper Pipes (Providing Pipes for the Professional Piper in Pursuit of Piping Perfection).  We also feature an exclusive ‘evil rat’ illustration by Linda Bowman, and an equally exclusive ‘evil rat’ embroidery pattern for cross stitch and/or blackwork.
  • ETM #5.5 vol. i – None so blind: 
    introduces the King’s plan for a healthier future, beginning with provision of free salad plants for all households, and includes a redeemable coupon for you to claim your own FREE packet of Rapunzel seeds!  This issue also features the press release issued by Queen Rapunzel herself, recounting the events which led up to the Great Salad Plan; plus small ads from our sponsors, plus an update on the latest Witch Report, in which the Bad Fairy responsible for the Big Sleep is finally apprehended and brought to trial. Further news on this in our next issue.
  • ETM #5.5 vol. ii – The big sleep: 
    reports on activities within the Royal household – which have long lain dormant – following the awakening of the young Princess Aurora. Why has she been forbidden from conducting interviews with reporters directly? Who is her unusually short Prince, and why does he have such an affinity for the accursed spinning wheel, such a fondness for gold, and such keenness with regard to the production of Royal babies…? We address these questions and more!  In other news, the newly crowned Princess Cinderella steps forward as ambassador for StABS (Stop Abuse of Beautiful Stepdaughters) Foundation; and we bring you small ads from our sponsors, including a new spin on the old classic, Who’s Afraid? Worry Bag, now complete with Royal endorsement!

A 3 for 2 offer is also available on most back issues of Enchanted Times Mini – choose this option for the best deal on both cover price & postage!


Artwork preview: Holly Mitchell

* * * 

The Enchanted Times has previously featured the stunning artwork of Holly Mitchell in issue #3 (Red Riding Hood) and the editor is delighted to announce a collaboration which will see further exclusive illustrations for selected future Enchanted Times feature stories.

An Enchanted Times special edition is scheduled for release in 2012.  In the meantime, see left and below for a preview of some of the enchanting artwork to come:
the Frog Prince and the Pied Piper.

* * *

Marketplace: the Charmed Life Notebook from Pied Piper Pipes

Pied Piper Pipes (proud sponsor of the Enchanted Times) presents the PPP Charmed Life Notebook, with wide-spaced manuscript-style staves for you to fill in with your own notation. Charmed rats dance across the pages, in illustration of your Notebook’s potential. The back cover includes recommendations for successful use.

This mini notebook is available as part of a set, also including the RatCatcher of Hamelin mini-zine previously issued as a preview of the story which appeared in Enchanted Times #3. Visit the TangleCrafts Etsy Store for your own Pied Piper Packet!

Available now: Enchanted Times #3

Enchanted Times #3 is now available in the Etsy store!  Highlights of this issue include

  • Always pay the piper – the Pied Piper of Hamelin’s ‘confession’
  • Fast-As-You-Can Weight Loss Plan gingerbread recipe & advertisement feature
  • An open letter from the Magical Objects Restoration Society, forwarded by Onyx Mail Services
  • Hansel & Gretel in cross stitch (pattern adapted from illustration by Charles Robinson)
  • Just Desserts – the story of the Gingerbread Man and Hansel & Gretel intertwined
  • He said, she said – witness statements from those involved in the recent Red Riding Hood scandal, sourced by guest reporter Penelope Harris
  • ‘The millet reached the sky’ – a counted thread embroidery pattern adapted from a Jugoslav fairy tale illustration
  • The Mirror book review supplement: a reflection of contemporary literature in the fairy tale genre

As previously revealed, Enchanted Times is also pleased to offer an exclusive promotional pack of magic beans from BeansTalk, one of this issue’s proud sponsors – one pack free with every issue, while stocks last!  Each pack includes a voucher for the Rumpelstiltskin Registry of Re-Identification following research which has indicated best results for bean-growers going by the name of ‘Jack’.

PREVIEW: Always pay the piper

“I am the child who was left behind. Who abandoned me? Who knows? Who cares? I know only what I knew when I first became conscious, which is nothing. Continue reading

COMING SOON! Enchanted Times #3

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the planned interim issue of Enchanted Times (#2.5) will now be incorporated into the forthcoming Enchanted Times #3.  Going to press this coming weekend with all the latest news stories from the enchanted realms, including feature articles by 2 guest reporters, look out for Enchanted Times #3 arriving at an Etsy Store near you in the very near future.  An exclusive gift will be included for the first subscribers, details to follow upon release.

PREVIEW: free Pied Piper mini-zine!

Enchanted Times #3 is due for release in 2011, but in the meantime, Enchanted Times #2.5 is in preparation, focusing entirely on the Pied Piper of Hamelin, in all his guises.
Click here for a sneak preview to read online!If you prefer a hard copy of this mini-zine sampler, TangleClub members receive a free copy with any order placed in the TangleCrafts Etsy Store throughout November.