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Marketplace: Enchanted Times Mini #0.5, Peas in our time

Originally issued in the Enchanted Realms prior to Enchanted Times #1 (currently on clearance), the Enchanted Times has reprinted the Mini edition, #0.5 (vol. i), Peas in our Time, which is now for the first time available to Real World readers. It features an enhanced, easier-to-read version of the Princess and the Pea cross stitch chart (previous version available in ET #1), sponsored by Stack-A-Mat, as well as various other related news stories:

  • the long-awaited announcement of the Prince’s engagement
  • the first public appearance of the bruised Princess
  • an emerging trend amongst fashionable youngsters
  • a warning from the Enchantments Protection Agency regarding a proliferation of blemish agents on the Black Marketplace
  • a few words with the Queen’s Gardener about varieties of Pea

See the Etsy listing for additional pictures and further information.


A D.I.Y. frog-swatch notebook

Print and fold a fun frog-swatch notebook and have quick notes to hand wherever you may be!  Read the story that inspired this project here.

  • Choose the A4 frog-swatch notebook or the letter-size frog-swatch notebook
  • Two templates are provided so you can choose from plain or lined pages.  Can’t decide?  Print them back to back for maximum versatility and paper usage!
  • Trim off the unprinted 0.5cm border, then fold along dotted lines.  Click to enlarge folding guide (above right).